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Department of Biological Applications & Technology

About the Department


The Department of Biological Applications and Technology (BET) opened in the Academic Year 2000-2001. According to the Presidential Decree (207/3-9-1999) the mission of the Department (GG 179/6-9-1999) is to cultivate the science of Biology, and promote the life sciences at all levels of description, from the molecular and cellular level upward, providing knowledge and cultivating basic and applied technological research along two axes:

(i) the pursuit of academic knowledge in all the life sciences with an emphasis on technology and its applications and
(ii) the creation of knowledge and technology for the development and protection of natural resources and habitats at the local and national level.


The Department aims to be at the cutting edge of basic and applied research and to provide students with a modern high-quality education in all fields of Biology. An important advantage is the Department 's five-year course of study, which allows the student to be introduced to new applications and technologies, especially during their project work, where they develop a deeper understanding of the many-faceted process of research.

External Evaluation of the Department

In June 2011 the Department was assessed by the Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education (ADIP). The external evaluators made special mention of the curriculum of the department:

«The existing curriculum serves the goals of the Department and it seems to be of higher standards compared to similar biology-oriented programs within the Greek state. The curriculum is coherent and focused on preparing graduates with experimental skills in laboratory and applied biological processes for the industry and not only»

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